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At Geo Wall Health, you’ll discover the secrets of using natural remedies backed by science to dramatically improve the quality of you and your family’s health and life.

Meet Geo Wall Health’s Editors and Contributors

KimMillmanPhotoDr Kim Millman MD PhD is a board certified internist specializing in functional medicine, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  She looks at your health as an interconnected web embracing the complexities instead of forcing your symptoms into a little diagnostic box.  She believes in the inherent nature of the body’s ability to heal.  She specializes in osteoporosis, mineral metabolism and has a thriving practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.


gracesuhGrace Suh LAc Dipl OM is an acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Merging Eastern Wisdom with Western Science she is able to bridge both disciplines to give you a truly unique perspective in personalized lifestyle medicine  She is a speaker and contributor to the Huffington Post.  She specializes in stress and weight management with a thriving practice in the Los Angeles area where she sees celebrities, entertainers, and people from around the globe.