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We believe that the best medicine looks at the whole body and evaluates possible root causes of a chronic condition.  Working to optimize diet and lifestyle first instead of prescribing a pill for every ill.

Functional medicine evaluates your symptoms as an interconnected web and embraces the complexities of your health.  It does not compartmentalize your symptoms into tidy little diagnostic boxes.

We believe in functional medicine, the body’s natural ability to heal and in the incredible power of nature’s medicine.

Our mission at Geo Wall Health is to interview top functional medicine doctors who are providing cutting edge solutions to common chronic conditions, each aligned with our values.  We review their innovative products and services so you can have the best health information available on the web.

Discover the secrets of using natural remedies backed by science to dramatically improve the quality of your health and your life.

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GB 21 acupoint:


1. Press and rub

2. Breathe

3. You should feel slight tenderness

4. Acupresure twice a day for 3 breaths